Paliz Nursery

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Paliz Nursery

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Paliz Nursery is the largest nursery in the Middle East. This nursery started its activity since 1970 in the field of breeding seedlings and during this period it has achieved many successes in this field. These successes are the result of more than half a century of efforts of the group in producing all kinds of walnut, almond and fruit seedlings.

Every year, this nursery cultivates more than 500,000 fertile and non-fruitful seedling cultivars and exports 500,000 certified and licensed walnut and fruit cultivars domestically and abroad.

Paliz nursery complex consists of young people and experts in the field of growing and transplanting seedling varieties. This complex has been able to provide large and small services without any claims, with extensive job creation.

As you know, the high quality of seedlings comes first. The main goal of Paliz Nursery is to produce high-quality seedling varieties. In addition, the high variety of walnut and fruit seedlings in this nursery has given this nursery an advantage over other competitors. You can refer to Paliz site (سایت نهال) to buy fruit, almond and walnut seedlings as follows.

Types of fruit seedlings:
Transplanted almond seedlings
Cherry seedlings(خرید نهال زردآلو)
pear seedling

almond seedlings (فروش نهال بادام)
Peach seedling
apple seedling

Apricot seedlings
Cherry seedlings
grape seedling (خرید نهال انگور)
pistachio seedlings
Types of grafted walnut seedlings

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Re: Paliz Nursery

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Seedling quality is a top priority at this nursery. The main goal of Paliz Nursery is to produce high quality seedlings. In which five nights at freddy's 4 is being studied.

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